International Lifestyle Magazine Jan 2013 - Page 37

Many argue that we are omnivores, and a lot of vegans argue that we are herbivores or frugivores. The reason why we have small canine teeth is not to tear into flesh, but to tear apart the cellulose fibers in vegetables. We have weak nails, not claws, for the sole purpose of peeling fruit. We have very long, plant-friendly digestive tracts. We were not meant to eat meat. Everything points directly to us being put here on Earth to eat fruit, a few leafy green vegetables, and nothing else other than the occasional nuts, seeds, and sprouts. T h e most important fact about this argument is the realization that whether we are omnivores or not, this is not relevant to whether we should or should not be eating meat. The truth is that no matter what we are, or no matter what we were supposedly created to eat, meat consumption is killing us. Excess animal protein in the body is linked to many degenerative diseases, including cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, diabetes, osteoporosis, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and cancers of the female anatomy. We can \YH[^HX]]\H\H]\HۈX\X]XY\܈]\H\H ]H[\YHHX]YX]ۜ[\[ۈܙX]\XY\[HH[\ۙ][ۈ\[[\X\K[YX]\YHXYX[[Hۜ[YH] H\H[][[X]\HY[ܙ[\ٝ[[ۋ[[[ܙX\Y\وX\]X[\˂HBH[X\و LH\]\و[\[YYX[H[X\YH\[وYY\‚ۈYX]X][[[ܝ[]K\\H\\K\[HX]Hۙ]Y[[YH]YHۜ[\[ۈو\Y[[\YYYX]\\X]Y][[ܙX\Y\و[X]\H[ܝ[]HH[]\\\[\H\[ݘ\[\\X\K[[\Y]YH]\\H]H\ۈۙ]]H[Z[\X[H\H[܈\ۙ\H[]HY\\Y\\H[\Z[X]HH][^[\[[[[[X [ܙ\\H]\Y\\ܙ[X[H[\Z[[YY X][YX][XY\\ܙ[Z[\][]K[Y\ܝ[]H^\Y[HX[X[ H[[\\[YX]\\[K[\\X[]H][[[Z[]H\K[X]H\YY\[\\Y\^Z[Hܛ[ܚ܈HX[][][ۈو[ܙH[ˈ8'H[ܙHYYX][HX] H[ܙH\H[[[H] H[ܙHY]\X[HX] H[ܙHXXY[HXYK'H8$YHX\^BBBH]\YH^H]X][H\وXY[[X[\[[H^H[][^[[ۙ]]N]\[[H^H[][\[[][ˈH[]H]]H[[H^HZHHYHو[HܙX]\K[H[ۛ]H\XX]]X[[\H\\\HHۜ[\[ۈوYX][Z\KH\XX]]X[[\HXZ\[Y[\[[[و[ۙ^HH[[YH[[X[\Z[[\H܈H]\[[^HXZH[ܙH[ۙ^HHH[H\HY\[HHYXوX][HYX] Z\K[Yˈ[H[[ۈوۘ\YY[\\ܝۈ[X[X\H[]\H]]܈[\X܈وZ\[[\ۛY[ܘ[KX\\]Y[ۋ\ܝY]Kˈ]\X\\HX] Z[[ۈ[‚˚[\][ۘ[Y\[[XY^[KB