International Lifestyle Magazine Jan 2013 - Page 3

issue 44 Welcome to the first issue of 2013! There is always talk, at the dawn of a new year, of changes, ideas or travel and yet already many are now lost, forgotten in a sea of routine and self imposed restrictions. We all have the power to make change, we all have the power to guide our own journeys, so what holds us back? Fear? What is fear? Fear only works if you fuel it, give it space to take hold, so reject fear and grab life with both hands. Make this the year that you made change, make this a year of fantastic reflection and memories, not another year of regret and missed opportunities. Do something fantastic this year! The Editors International Lifestyle Magazine The International Lifestyle Magazine and its officers accept no responsibility for the accuracy of advertisers’ copy, their work, services or goods. Whilst we do our best to ensure content is correct, we cannot accept responsibility for admissions or errors or copyright infringement where multi media is concerned. All materials within International Lifestyle Magazine are the property of International Lifestyle Magazine and any unauthorised reproduction whether in part or whole is strictly forbidden. Welcome 00(34) 690 806 283 Contact Editors Julian Nicholson Lynn Nicholson Contributors Robert Hare (inspiration) Steenbergs Orangutan Odessy Janey Lee Grace Rebekah Fensome Alan Coxon Jesse Jacoby Joseph Braun Tess Shellard