International Lifestyle Magazine Jan 2013 - Page 20

T H E C H E AT I N G H E A RT Wo r d s : R e b e k a h F e n s o m e The client who found out her long term partner had cheated on her. Susan, 35 from London had been in her relationship with Tom for 7 years. They had been very happy for most of that time but over the last year she felt that things weren’t the same between them. It wasn’t that they had been arguing but they seemed to be living separate lives even though they were sharing the same bed. She also had a strong feeling that he wasn’t being totally honest with her. He would often come home late and make excuses for not coming out on joint events with her. He was also staying out late and going out with “friends” more often than he ever had. “I feel quite suspicious of Tom’s behaviour but I’m scared to bring it up as I don’t want to push him away or feel like I’m pressuring him. If I’m honest I’m scared of confronting him and finding something out that I don’t really want to know. However, I can’t ignore that I feel that he has changed in some way and that our relationship just doesn’t seem the same.” Through analysis and confronting Tom with a discussion around his behaviour Susan discovered that he had been cheating. Below are some w a y s o f u n d e r s t a n d i n g w h y cheating occurs in relationships and if it has or is happening to you how you can deal with it:-