International Lifestyle Magazine Jan 2013 - Page 19

safari flight to a landing strip in the Tsavo West National Park. Get transferred from the landing strip to a luxury camp overlooking the glorious Mt. Kilimanjaro. Today you will experience a unique combination of adventure, wellness, and relaxation combined with exclusive wildlife experiences. Enjoy lunch at the camp. After lunch you have time to relax at the Kenbali Spa (optional) or enjoy the beautiful scenery from the camp swimming pool. Inspired by the African wilderness and centuriesold Southeast Asian techniques of wellbeing, the Spa is an oasis of peace and relaxation. Later in the afternoon you enjoy a guided excursion to the popular Mzima Springs, a little oasis of palm trees and acacias. Return to camp for dinner and simply enjoy the romantic feel of the African bush with its sounds and smells. Included: All meals, beverages, safari flight Amboseli to Tsavo West, transfers & activities (as per itinerary) Overnight: Severin Safari Camp Day 6 Tsavo West National Park to Tsavo East National Park, Kenya After breakfast you will discover the secrets of the African wilderness on foot. On the morning walk your Masai guide informs you about the ecosystem, the multifaceted bird life and other park inhabitants. Return to camp and enjoy breakfast. Depart Tsavo West National Park on a luxury Cessna for Tsavo East National Park, one of the oldest and largest national parks in Kenya. During the safari flight your pilot and guide will provide you with information about the wildlife and scenic highlights via headphones. Each seat has its own large window and you will have the opportunity to observe and photograph the passing elephant herds, the hippos close to the rivers and the extensive Kenyan Savannah from a very close distance. Upon arrival at the landing strip, you will be met by your guide and transferred to your camp, where you will be welcomed by the friendly staff and have time to settle in before lunch is served on the elevated dining deck. Later in the afternoon you will depart on a 4x4 game drive in search of the wildlife that inhabits the Tsavo East National Park. Return to the camp after sunset for dinner and an evening of leisure. Included: All meals, safari flight Tsavo West to Tsavo East, transfers, activities (as per itinerary) Overnight: Satao Camp Day 7 Tsavo East National Park, Kenya Today you will enjoy a game drive with picnic lunch on route to the Luggards Falls, part of the Galana River. These beautiful falls are in fact rapids where the Galana River disappears into a rocky gorge. The beauty of the site is the multi coloured rocks that have been eroded by the water over centuries and transformed into a variety of fantastic shapes. The rapids, becoming ravaging floods during the rainy season, plunge into a large pool below where giant crocodiles are resting on the sandbanks. Return to cam [[H[][[\[ۙ\[\]H[\YH[][[وZ\\K[YY[YX[]\Y\X]]Y\ \\][\\JHݙ\Y][[\^H]X\][ۘ[\[X\K[XH\\ۈ[X\H[ܛ[[YB]H[H]X\][ۘ[\ˈ]\[\[]HXZ٘\ Y\XZ٘\[H[H[ٙ\YHZ\\X\H[\ \H[XYZ\ܘYY\HY[X\H\H[[ܙ]XHY\H[ˈ[[X\H[H[H[ٙ\Y[\[ ܈[\]Z[ X\۝X˙Z[Y\XˈK[H[ܛX][ۈ\ݙ\Y\\ M^H\ݙ\YXH˙Z[Y\X˘K\ \\\IY[YOLML^IL\ݙ\LYXH ^HZHX[]H\[\˙Z[Y\X˘K\ \\\IY[YOML^ILZILX[]IL\[ L\^H\[]H [\[YHY\H˙Z[Y\X˘K\ \\\IY[YON L^IL\[]IL[ L[\[YILY\H^H]X[H ZHX[]H^\Y[H˙Z[Y\X˘K\ \\\IY[YON L^IL] LX[IL[ LZILX[]IL^\Y[HH^H\ݙ\[H˙Z[Y\X˘K\ \\\IY[YONIL^IL\ݙ\L[B˚[\][ۘ[Y\[[XY^[KB