International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 56 - Page 99

participants are invited to meet for a gentle awakening with Esana’s yoga class. Following a lavish buffet breakfast, Sue leads prompted writing practice and feedback until lunch. In 2014, poet James Dewar led one workshop focused specifically on poetry. In addition to publishing and editing poetry, he is an inspiring teacher and enjoys sharing his passion for the art form with writers at all skill levels. His work has appeared in magazines, anthologies, and books, including his own collection, The Garden in the Machine (2007). He will be offering optional poetry writing sessions in 2015. In 2015, Radical Restoration in Italy is providing two additional AWA-trained facilitators, Deepam and James, who will also be guiding the prompted writing sessions and feedback. Another new feature for the 2015 Radical Restoration Retreat is oneon-one feedback on up to ten pages of pre-submitted writing. This offer will be particularly helpful for those who are thinking of, or working on, a long term project such as a novel, memoir or collection of poetry. These retreats restore and enliven both the body and the creative impulse, but they also offer both structured activity and free time. In Italy, this balance is particularly valuable, since the surroundings are so rich with possibilities for exploration. Not only are there challenging hiking paths in the countryside, but the Franciscan road (a welltravelled pilgrimage route), gives several opportunities for short or long walks by olive groves, vineyards, wild flowers, and farmland that has been husbanded for generations with the same deep respect for the land. The nearby towns of Assisi, Gubbio and Perugia offer diverse historic, cultural, architectural, and gastronomical delights. The small town of Valfabbrica is just 3 kilometres from Le Torracce, a walk lined with fields of apple In the birdsong-filled mornings, blossoms, olive groves, sheep Umbria, with its rich history and spacious vistas, is the ideal environment to unwind and be inspired. Le Torracce was chosen on the recommendation of an Italian colleague, and in April 2014, it proved to be a perfect venue with its spectacular meals, gracious hosts, the lush, peaceful setting, and a selection of workspaces to accommodate any group size. Esana Lotfy has been teaching her unique restorative version of Kripalu yoga since 1989, an approach which focuses on allowing rather than striving; being rather than doing. Her teaching style dovetails seamlessly with the generous and safe writing environment Sue Reynolds creates. Sue has trained with Natalie Goldberg, Ellen Bass, and Pat Schneider, and has been a certified AWA (Amherst Writers and Artists) facilitator since 2002. The AWA method of writing believes that whether your purpose for writing is artistic expression, communication with friends and family, the healing of the inner life, or achieving public recognition for your art the foundation is the same: the claiming of yourself as an artist/ writer and the strengthening of your writing voice through practice, study, and helpful response from other writers. Sue Reynolds is the author of Strandia, a young adult fantasy novel for which she won the Canadian Library Association’s Young Adult Novel of the Year award. Deepam Wadds is certified in various therapeutic healing modalities from Osho Multiversity in Pune, India, and has had a private practice in bodywork and therapy since 1989. She is also