International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 56 - Page 69

For anyone looking to improve their overall lifestyle it is essential to look at the whole picture, by which I mean, your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. There is absolutely no point in focusing all your attention in one area and neglecting the other two areas, this will just leave you continually out of balance. When booking a vacation, with your lifestyle choices considered, you need to think about your location, your stimulation, your physical nourishment and above all, is this somewhere that you will be able to relax, let go and just be, in other words, is this a place where you can reconnect. Jamaica certainly offers everything you could possibly want from a vacation but when you put into the mix the opportunity to enjoy yoga as well as everything else you start to see that time spent here will rejuvenate you back to your true self. Yoga Bless Jamaica have worked incredibly hard to ensure that time spent with them is more like time spent with family, a long, long way from large, commercial and impersonal hotel resorts, this is about giving you the environment to relax, to feel special, to feel a part of a group of people, not just a number on a hotel door. Jamaica really is paradise bringing you fresh air, perfect temperatures, wonderful bio fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs and of course, a beach to die for. Just imagine laying listening to the sound of the ocean as you unwind and let the stresses of life just drift away. I believe, as do Yoga Bless, that healing begins on the inside. We need to nourish our bodies just like we would take care of any expensive piece of machinery. We need to cleanse our bodies, remove the stress of trying to digest heavy, toxic foods and in doing so, we start to feel much more energised, we actually get to use the energy in a positive way. As we begin to eat well our minds clear, we start to have clarity on issues which may have been blocking our energies previously. Issues which may have seemed huge a few days ago, suddenly become simple. As we cleanse our body, we cleanse our minds and with this comes clear vision. This way we restore balance, the secret to healthy living. All the food at Yoga Bless provides you with 3 main meals daily, as well as healthy snacks and fruits during the day.You have a choice of vegetarian, vegan, raw, or normal meals, but all will be nutritious and designed to feed and fuel your body, not hold it back. With the abundance of local herbs you can also enjoy many types of herbal teas from Jamaica, which have amazing healing properties, you can prepare these yourself at anytime and in doing so you can begin to get used to preparing them for yourself on your return home. Yoga Bless also use a lot of natural remedies, superfood, fruit smoothies and natural medicinal plants that can be found in Jamaica which you can learn about to build your tool box of knowledge for the future. Obviously the big feature here is the yoga and the aim here is to help you understand how yoga can help you and how you can fit it into your lifestyle when you return home. Yoga Bless will give you your own personal yoga plan along with eBooks, yoga music and many healthy tips to keep you inspired and on track. This is incredibly helpful as it is easy to slip back into old routines but when you stop and think about how good you look and feel this should be the motivation you need to keep going! You will enjoy daily yoga sessions, both beginner and intermediate yoga to include Hatha and Kundalini yoga style. So you can work in a way that suits you. For the rest of the day there are, as you would expect, many, many activities, all of which will stimulate you on some level. Jamaica is stunning and you really should take the time out, even though it may be difficult to drag yourself away from the beach, to see as much as you can. You can enjoy snorkeling, all your equipment is provided for you, at no extra cost, by Yoga Bless and see the beauty within the water. You can also visit nearby waterfalls and swim in the beautiful waters. You