International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 56 - Page 52

Whilst I was researching I came across http://www.exposuretours. com who offer the opportunity to study photography in some of the most stunning locations in the world. Owned and operated by Bryan Pereira you are in very good hands. Very few photographers have had such a vibrant and fast tracked career as Bryan. His first wildlife picture was published when he was just 16. Two years later while studying photography in the UK he got a commission to shoot a travel brochure in Kenya. Having left Nairobi when he was very young, the opportunity was a perfect way for him to get to know the country and its people. The trip was such a success that he was approached by the Royal Photographic Society to be a guest speaker at a group event. A few years later he became the youngest Board Member in the group’s history. His love of photography has taken him too many locations, from the early days of taking hundred of rolls of film to perfecting today’s digital workflow. When he’s not out shooting for clients he enjoys teaching students of all levels. A winner of over a dozen International awards, and numerous publications in North America, Europe and Asia he is also a stock photographer for National Geographic and provides fine art images to the corporate market. At Exposure Tours Bryan brings a thorough understanding of what photographers want and a personal service to meet the needs of every client. Photography has the wonderful ability to provide each person with a personal and shared experience. To photograph, view and discuss helps others see new dimensions to a photo opportunity and when faced with some of the most stunning locations and subjects everyone will create something different in their results.