International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 56 - Page 42

GO GREEN H a n d s U p W h o’s for Wheatgrass? It’s often said that necessity ‘is the mother of invention’ and in the case of Jacquelyn Stewart, the UK’s only producer of a ready to drink Wheatgrass juice, it couldn’t be truer. Jacquelyn became interested in wheatgrass and its benefits when she was diagnosed with skin cancer and decided to grow and juice her own wheatgrass as part of her treatment programme. “I’d read studies about wheatgrass and its high level of alkaline properties, how it supports the immune system, oxygenates the blood and boosts red blood cell production. I’d read about some medical studies* which showed the disease can’t grow in an alkaline environment so I thought it would be worth trying.” drove Jacquelyn to set up her own Wheatgrass production facility in 2010. Jacquelyn’s business - Squeeze Juice Café -is now the only UK producer of a 100% natural Ready to Drink wheatgrass shot. GROWING DEMAND Recently the business has attracted new distributors in Israel, Spain “I began juicing and growing my and Switzerland and through an own as it was impossible to get ecommerce site Jacquelyn ships fresh wheatgrass juice in Ireland – some 3,000 wheatgrass shots so much of the market is powdered across the world every week. wheatgrass and, personally, I Jacquelyn continues to improve only wanted to take a pure, fresh and invest in the business most product.” The lack of availability recently switching to a hydroponic and her own belief in the product system in her Warrenpoint ‘farm’ HEALTH BOOST