International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 56 - Page 4

HOT PRODUCTS w i t h LY N N N I C H O L S O N Welcome to this issues Hot Products, I hope you like them, I think we should all purchase at least one thing a month to help us, or compliment our kitchen, and help us on our quest to return to home cooking! Enjoy x Square Topsy Turvy Cake Pans OK, so you still need to be a little creative with your fondant icing, but these are brilliant! The secret’s in these heavy duty, silver anodised aluminium tins. Cleverly, they have a leg that holds the tins level in the oven so they turn out perfect sponges with sloped tops, all ready for stacking with absolutely no carving required. The fun part comes next, dreaming up exciting themes for your angled cakes! Worldwide Delivery. They come in three sizes up to the largest at £24.99.