International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 56 - Page 33

Full Moon This for me personally has to be a must. It is not until you escape towns and cities that you see the real darkness of the sky, the beauty that sits above you and to see a full moon in such a wonderful location is a must. Watching the full moon rise up out of the sea is almost as amazing, if not more than watching the sun do the same. Tours run, obviously, on the night of the full moon as well as the night before to watch this celestial body slowly emerge from the ocean’s horizon. Amazing photographs are possible with this monthly event. You will be provided with tripods, for every customer. so you are able to slow the shutter speed down to capture the moon’s brilliance. With many different locations to choose from, you will be able to capture amazing photos. So, grab your camera, grab a bag and set off to explore and capture one of the most beautiful locations on the planet! Contact Details