International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 56 - Page 31

There are a great selection of tours available so there really is something for everyone and you will probably want to book more than one as it is really a fantastic way to experience the island as well as take photographs. Sunrise When the sun breaks over the horizon and lights up the sky with its brilliance, there’s nothing to compare with its majesty. Wake up your senses with the dramatic feel from this spectacular dawn of the day. There are many different spots to choose from, but you always get the best one! After the sunrise you will explore the area for more great photos: beautiful lookouts, waterfalls, wildlife and much more! With a great stop for breakfast in Kailua (not included in price), you can’t go wrong. Sunset You owe it to yourself to see what else is out there besides Waikiki. Try out some different photo tricks and techniques with your professional guide. With this tour you will be able to capture great photographs of Nu’uanu Valley, river & falls, the Ko’olau mountain range, and much more. The beauty of the forest can only be witnessed, not described. As you journey around the island taking photos, you will seek out the best sunset vantage spot to capture those last amazing photos of the day. The sunset locations can be a short walk up or down a hill. This tour may include similar locations as the Sunrise Tour which might give you a second chance to try out some different angles. “Thursday, July 12 was my first full day on the island of Oahu. I chose to book the complete island tour with Alex, thinking it would be a good introduction to the island. Boy, was I right! We went quite literally all over the island. (This gave me a good overview of the roads and landmarks for when I drove myself around later in my vacation, but that’s beside the point.) Alex really knows the island of Oahu. The tour ended up just being him, my mother, and me, which meant we got a lot of personal attention. That was phenomenal, especially since a lot of tour companies would have canceled the tour. We actually had that happen on a different tour later in the week. Alex didn’t seem bothered by it at all.”