International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 56 - Page 3

Welcome to issue 56 We named this issue “Challenge” for a very good reason. We all face them. Some are challenges that we set ourselves and others are forced upon us. In the end, it is only ourselves that can fully appreciate the weight or intensity of the challenge itself. One thing we can all be sure of though, is that the more we can do for ourselves in being mentally, physically and emotional ready for them, the more likely we are to rise over any tests that come our way. In this issue we have once again highlighted and featured many businesses and individuals that can give you the tools or experiences that will serve you well as you continue your journey through life. We hope you enjoy reading through this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Enjoy and share. Welcome issue 56 Contact skype: cblmedia The Editors Editors Lynn Nicholson Julian Nicholson Contributors Cover Image :Melissa Ferrer / Yoga To Go International Lifestyle Magazine The International Lifestyle Magazine and its officers accept no responsibility for the accuracy of advertisers’ copy, their work, services or goods. Whilst we do our best to ensure content is correct, we cannot accept responsibility for admissions or errors or copyright infringement where multi media is concerned. All materials within International Lifestyle Magazine are the property of International Lifestyle Magazine and any unauthorised reproduction whether in part or whole is strictly forbidden. Robert Hare (inspiration) Janey Lee Grace Alan Coxon Rebecca Sharp Steenbergs Platinum Healing Burren Yoga British Explorers