International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 56 - Page 18

Safari Surf School, located in Nosara, Costa Rica, and is owned & operated by brothers Tim & Tyler Marsh, has been sharing its “stoke” and passion for surfing for over 13 years and is still going strong! You will obviously be thrust into the Latin “culture” and introduced to the incredible spirit and vibe that is “Pura Vida”…which translates to “Pure Life”. There is a reason that Costa Rica was voted one of the “Happiest” countries in the world and it is very evident when you meet and greet the local people. The town of Nosara embodies all of what makes Costa Rica the most desirable place to visit on vacation. It’s like a journey back in time…where people wave at you as you pass by and greet you with a smile, always willing to help, where old cultural ways integrate seamlessly with the new “wave” of today’s younger generation. There are no paved roads, no street lights, monkeys still cruising in the trees in Nosara…but they do have the creature comforts we all have come to enjoy like WiFi connection, ATM access, A/C, Cable TV, shopping, so you can be as cut off, or connected, as you wish. teaching surfing, safety, lifeguard skills and first aid / first response. From Olas Verdes Resort to the surf program, Safari Surf employs 99% all local people who live and have families in Nosara. They strive for a sustainable existence in the community that they live by educating, employing, and giving back to the local people in their community. A TYPICAL DAY Once energised from your coffee and morning fuel up, it’s off to the beach you go. Roughly a 3 minute wal