International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 56 - Page 12

Josh Wendel Owner, Selva Armonia Co-Founder, Envision Festival Josh Wendel, Owner of Selva Armonia Retreat Center and Maracatu Restaurant (a healthy and natural place to dine in Dominical, Costa Rica), and CoFounder of the revolutionary Envision Festival, has been living in the jungles of Costa Rica for over 9 years and studying organic gardening and medicinal plants for over 16. Josh’s dedication to the environment has lead him to choose a unique lifestyle, one that is in alignment with his vision of a healthy and sustainable Earth. As a devout vegan, surfer, traveler, organic farmer and visionary, Josh’s infectious zest for life will leave you renewed and connected with what is important to you. Teacher Training Nature Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training March 12 - April 9 2015 hosted by Heidi Michelle , Heidi Grace Dietrich Spend 28 days in Jungle Paradise, immersed in the Yogic Lifestyle, while earning your 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified Teaching Certification. For full details and information on registration, please visit http:// Selva’s organic gardens. Teaching essential jungle survival skills, he will safely lead adventures into the surrounding jungles. Learn how to chop open a coconut with a machete! Cover your body with nourishing blue clay straight from the womb of Pacha Mama! Become familiar with our tropical medicinal plants and the abundance of exotic vegetables and fruit! Connect directly with the heartbeat of the Earth, the Costa Rican rainforest, and awaken your body to its most natural state of being. When did you last sit and watch the sun rise or set? When did you last walk barefoot in soil or sand alone in thought? When did you last take time out to breath, to inhale, exhale and be aware of your lungs filling with fresh air? When was the last time you wanted to just scream? When you battle with your inner thoughts, when the air around you seems stiffling, these are signs that you need to break out, unfold your arms, as a butterfly unfolds it wings, and open yourself up to the energy you crave and deserve. Selva Armonia, is a beautiful destination where you can literally take time to regain control, choose your path with clarity and vision and experience every cell in your body as they swell with energy and the excitement of life itself. For me, everything about this company connects with me and I, for one, will definitely be booking some time here in 2015. The only question is, will I come home? htt p s : / / w w w.yo u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = y 6 _ p Rw Y VGo& Contact Details