International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 69

.The amount of New Year eve`s where I have declared that “This time next year Rodders we’ll be millionaires !” ( Mrs C always gets called “Rodders” on New Year’s Eve !!!” ) have of course, as a businessman, failed to actually materialise, although plans, aims, objectives and targets have to be set. With greater reflection however the Millionaire status does not necessarily have to mean financial, for the past year has brought me a wealth of knowledge and I have become incredibly rich from new experiences that money cannot buy, all of which have been deposited firmly in my memory bank and will eventually generate and manifest to form its own levels of interest and subsequent investments.!. For many people like myself the festive holidays through December and January allows some extra time and opportunities to dine out, and as such, and as this is a time of year for giving, I am about to share with you a stunning country Inn that I recently experienced called “The Feathered Nest” in Nether Westcote, situated off a country lane via main Stow on the Wold to Burford road,(two idyllic villages with centuries of history, twisted oak beam structures and honey stonework archetypical of the Cotswolds ). Having lived in the Cotswold area for over 15 years, I am always in search of that idealistic country pub retreat that we can so often dream about, but seldom find. Expectations are great, especially as this the area is simply quintessential middle England !, it is steeped in history and chocolate box images around every corner, thatch roofs are fairly common place whilst the aroma of burning logs and ribbons of smoke appear from 500 year old chimney`s simply adding to the romantic charm. Whilst Fox hunting itself has been banned, processions with dogs and riders dressed in their finery ride through the cobbled streets of Broadway replicating or creating a romantic image of country life long long ago !. For many years I have read fluffed up write ups of so many supposed perfect Cotswold country Inns and pubs only to find that the authors were all obviously wearing rose tinted glasses, didn’t get out much beyond the M25 , or had too much to drink during their research !!. Having read these articles I have travelled miles only to be disappointed on all fronts, however I can now honestly say that I have found the holy grail of country Inn`s ! . Yes it has that roaring log fire with huge comfy sofa`s, it has a stunning wine list with over 200 worldwide wines to choose from,(including a good selection by the glass) as well as local ales and large wooden beams. Dedicated and Passionate owners Amanda and Tony Timmer have a brilliant eye for detail and have decorated the establishment in a stylish, creative manner, It is quirky with a splash of antiquity and all with the physical and aesthetic comfort an B