International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 60

Some of Europe’s premier surfing grounds, such as WCT venue Supertubos at Peniche or the World Surfing Reserve in Ericeira, are less than an hour away. You can book for a weekend or for a week and for those in your group who want to come along and just watch the surf, discounts are available, but I am pretty sure once you see the fun everyone else is having you are going to want to get into that wetsuit and grab a board! At the end of the day you can return to your villa, kick back, open a few beers and relive every moment before retiring to bed and doing it all again! http:// Active holidays As I mentioned before, Portugal really does have something for everyone and you can also book an Active Holiday, again, either for a weekend or longer. Active Holidays include:The Woolly Donkeys Experience at Quinta do Pisão Slide, Tree-top Adventure Park and Archery Cresmina Centre Dune Interpretation Segway Ride Guincho Coast, Aldeias and Quintas Trails - Unique trails that go between scenic ocean views and picturesque villages Great holidays for those looking for a combination of relaxation and fun at the same time. http:// Company breaks As you would imagine, these trips are perfect for everyone and for me, the perfect idea for any company looking to book corporate team building events throughout 2014, nothing brings out the best in a group than outdoor activities and it can really highlight to an individual those hidden talents when it comes to team building. Groups return home on a high, charged and ready to go, far more than any group that attends a classroom event for several days, fresh air inspires new thoughts, new ideas and for any company looking for growth, this has to be the perfect package. All events can be designed around your individual requirements for all groups of people, just talk to the guys at Morada da Sol and let them know what you are looking to achieve and let them help you bring it together. Morada do Sol is also planning inspirational Entrepreneur Retreats, bringing like-minded people together for great exchange and facilitating bringing your projects to the next level in a fun and relaxed environment. Please email for more information or visit their site for the latest updates. teambuilding/ Weddings and celebrations For those of you who are now in the planning stages of your wedding, you can also book here ,imagine being able to guarantee the weather, having everything taken care of before you arrive and just think of the photographs, a truly memorable experience, all you have to do is pop on a plane and arrive to everything in place and perfect, just the removal of that stress alone will ensure your day will be perfect. I guess what I am trying to bring to your attention is that you can pop on a flight and be here, away from the madness of everyday in no time at all, you can leave the stresses of everyday life behind you and sit back and soak up the sun, the atmosphere and the sheer beauty that this area has to offer, in fact, I am off to check flights!