International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 55

So how does this help you to dealing with the problem and the feelings of mediocrity and as a result our over eating? Have you heard about using food to numb our feelings, or swallow down our emotions, or push away our pain, well that is what I see and hear most of the time with my friends, family and during my coaching calls now. Food has become our habitual source of comfort when things get too hard to handle and most of us have never been taught how to deal with our rising emotions or our fears and confusions. Some of us don’t even know what names to give the array of emotions that can presenting them selves to us let alone how to feel them. For example: Over the last 10 years since starting to detox and be more raw in my daily food choices, I realized I had made it my habit to try and be happy and to harmonize all the difficult situations that arose around me. However I soon realized that harmonizing and being the “nice girl” was to the detriment of what I really wanted and needed. In my frustration and anger in these times and with no way to understand the depths of the feelings that arose, the anger, the resentment, the lack of consideration, for example I only had a few ways to cope with my hurt feelings and fulfill my needs. I eventually worked out that I was seeking and needed something in return, and I felt that I deserved something. I frequently chose my habitual food of choice, crisps. This always seemed to fulfill me and make me feel more satiated and content but only for a few hours. Then I was just angry, resentful, hurt and lonely again. Understanding how and what we do in times in the presence of emotional charged feelings is essential to start changing our habits. Also the cleaner our diet and the more we detox and the more raw food we eat, the more our emotions will rise to the surface as we no longer are using the habitual heavy, fake processed foods to numb and keep quiet our feelings and painful emotions. When I uncovered and acknowledged my frustrations and anger that had lain hidden and un recognized, It was like a flood gate opening, for a few days after and my initial seeing and feeling these emotions. I kept noticing how I had reacted and then slowly I began to express these frustrations and anger’s in a much healthier way. I was able to articulate the resentment and hurt I felt rather than store them up inside me for years on end. I became calmer and as a result I was able to express myself clearly and calmly and the need to rush off and binge eat on a large packet of crisps out of fiery rage was no longer quite so necessary. I began to fill up on what I really wanted and take charge of my own happiness rather than wait for someone else to do it for me. My journey is not a unique one and the more I talk about it and hear the stories of my friends and clients the more I understand it’s a very common thread indeed. My aim is to help you change what and how you eat forever, by listening to your bodies, understanding your own feelings and treating yourself exceptionally well. These MISSING NUTRIENTS as I call them, are here to fulfill and take us beyond sticking to any diet, but to live happily making better and better choices. So that we can be happy and be fulfilled with what we put into and onto our bodies, make better choices about who and what we surround ourselves by, as well as enjoy the pleasures in life. It’s not meant to be so hard.