International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 54

MY SECRET WEAPON to Mediocrity and over eating… I WORDS: FIONA ROBERTSON am on the most fantastic and magical discovery, unraveling mysteries that have lain hidden for way too long. What am I talking about? Well, my emotions. I was brought up possibly much the same as you were, with the belief that to show your emotions was wrong it was a sign of weakness, but what I have been happily discovering is that they are my and everyone’s inner strength. IF and this is a big IF, we can really feel them, allow ourselves to sit with them and acknowledge them fully. If you have been cleaning up your diet and have done a few detoxes from time to time, or in fact you are eating a clean and 80% RAW diet you will have certainly been exposed to some of your own raw emotions and feelings rising up and not known what on earth to do with them. Maybe you have wondered how on earth you are meant to keep to this wonderful healthy way of eating that makes you feel so light and positive, when from time to time yo u feel compelled to go back to and even crave eating heavy foods that make you feel full, heavy and sluggish and go against everything you now truly believe in. I am here to tell you that this normal and what I deal with daily for myself and now guide my clients through the myriad of feelings that are surfacing, looking for acknowledgement. I did not even know what some of my emotions were as I had spent nearly 50 years blocking them from rising up and listening to them. By listening to your choice of words that describe the events and situations in your months, weeks or days. I am able to clarify for you what is going on. Further more by doing with me a 15 minute revolutionary exercise that I thankfully discovered via a Mama Gena and her wonderful womanly arts boot camp, (which luckily happens to apply to men as well) We can clear out and go much deeper into these feelings, where we can acknowledge them with no judgments or stories attached. Then we are able to see and feel our real feelings and discover for ourself what these cravings are really all about.