International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 50

MIND, B ODY & WELLBEING WO R D S LY N N N I C H O L S O N To truly nourish ourselves, to really bring ourselves back into balance, we need to focus on three areas. The mental, the physical and the emotional. As a holistic nutritionist myself I am often faced with clients who tell me how they have tried every diet, including some incredibly dangerous options, and yet, they simply cannot achieve the weight and look they desire. When asked what they do to stimulate their emotional well being, or, ask them how they take care of their physical self outside of dieting, they often look at me confused, surely if I just diet I will achieve my goals? The truth is, we are very finely tuned machines, we need to have everything in balance if we are going to function correctly. It is not just about the fuel we put into our bodies it is about stimulating all of our self. We need self discovery. Most problems, be that weight, skin problems, emotional issues for example, respond to nurture and care of ourselves, naturally, but we need to look at all areas to achieve results. It is also worth considering that if you find yourself in a job or career that seems stagnant, or unfulfilling, this same principles apply, somewhere you are not being stimulated, your mental and emotional well being is simply not being taken care of and the feelings you experience are simply shutting down or, in a more simple term, you are bored. Time to stand still, forget everything else and take control. Yoga run yoga classes in Dubai and retreats worldwide from Nepal, Middle East, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and India, the home of yoga and where it all began. Just the thought of visiting these stunning locations should pick you up, you will be outside of your normal surroundings and suddenly everything becomes an adventure, already you are stimulating your brain and chemical are released which make you feel excited. The journey has begun. Yoga Retreats AE is not only the the first Dubai based Yoga retreats booking destination, their list of events are just stunning, which we will come onto later! Created by Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher Livia Anzaldo in 2010, Yoga Retreats helps individuals, companies & schools to promote mind & body wellbeing in various ways: