International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 41

LOOKING F O R WA R D WO R D S : LY N N N I C H O L S O N I had been looking into yoga for children for sometime, it occurred to me that when you look at the actual benefits of yoga, from the mental, physical and emotional aspects, it had to be a benefit to young people. Each child needs direction, they need to understand themselves better than anyone else and more importantly, they need to be comfortable with just sitting still, learning how to just “be”. Whichever newspaper you read you will be met by stories of disruptive children, or yet another drug which has been produced to “calm” a child who is, it would appear, running riot and yet, when you look deeper and take into consideration their lifestyles, it is hardly rocket science that these children are almost wild. They need direction. Our fast-paced world provides few opportunities to slow down, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the lives of today’s children. Typical days can include predawn wakeup calls, 6-hour school days, after-school clubs, jobs, and