International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 4

HOT PRODUCTS T By Ly nn Nichols on his is my own personal list, I have become obsessed with making cupcakes, I think it is down to the huge amount of TV shows that range from just downright crazy to actually, quite doable! So, if like me, you find baking is the perfect way to unwind but you want to cut a few corners, unless you have the skills needed for decorating, then here are a few great ideas to get you going and make you look super clever! x 1 Lakeland Chocolate Coated Popping Candy! Lakeland really do have everything you could need from pre coloured icing ready to roll out to some amazing toppings like this Popping Candy! check out for some great ideas and all those suitable for vegetarians are clearly marked! Worldwide Delivery. 2 Wilton Ladybug Cupcake Decorating Kit One of those great things that make you look super clever and all you have to do is open the box, excellent! Available from Amazon for worldwide delivery