International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 39

Professional Coaching Coaching is vital for any change. This is your opportunity to be open, frank and express all the fears and worries you may have. Through coaching you collect the tools you need ready for your return home. Mindfulness Meditation In every walk of life we should all learn to meditate. I think there is still a perception that this involves a silent room, incense sticks, a mat and so on and yet, you can meditate anywhere, bring yourself back to centre and regain control. You will meditate for 45 minutes everyday, teaching the tools you will need to carry you forward. Nutritionally revitalising meals Nutrition is vital. If you want a clean mind, clean, fresh thoughts then you need fuel that represents this. Anything that clogs you down, slows down your digestive system are in turn going to have an effect on you. If you want energy, if you want to feel alive you need to eat foods with energy and live. You will learn, and enjoy, about food and the difference it can make to how you look and feel. Comprehensive post-retreat follow-up As you would expect, follow up will continue after you return home, it is an opportunity to go over thoughts and questions you may have. These are skills for life, not just 8 days. With the very best equipment you can see your own brain patterns and how they change through the week and on average, clients show a threefold improvement in the goals they set for themselves, such as increasing productivity, reducing stress, sleeping better and feeling happier. This really is about change, this is about taking control, this is about removing any negativity from your mental, physical and emotional well being and growing to your full potential. So much time is wasted, drowning in the scripts of others, at some point you need to write your own script and grab life by the hands and live it! Contact Details HQ 2 John Street, London.