International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 37

Something we all need to be aware of, is, in my own opinion the worst thing ever, is critical voice. That voice that someone has put into your head can hold you back from ever achieving all that you could be, you may not even be aware of it, it could be just sitting there, coming into play when needed, so if you think that an article about changing how you think, or taking control of how your mind works is not for you, think again. By attending a Transformational Retreat,designed specifically to help you shift deep-set habits and take a leap towards being the person you really want to be, you have an opportunity to shift deep, ingrained habits and expand on your true potential. With 7 and 8 day retreats, based in Ibiza, UK, France and Costa Rica you can work, within a small team of no more than 6 people, with retreats focused on coaching, mindfulness, yoga, optimum nutrition and bodywork to bring everything into line and complement the brain training sessions. Aimed at professional who want to be more productive, successful and balanced. There is a reason why you feel stressed, a reason for not sleeping well, why your productivity is down and more importantly there is a reason why you have to work at feeling happy. You need to restore and reclaim your own thought process, which involves working on all aspects of who you are. Let me also point out here that this is not a process that will last only for your stay, and when you return everything returns to normal, this is about an innovative programme, the first of its kind. It is a synergy of modern neuroscience and traditional techniques; an intensive neurofeedback programme supported by complementary modalities to embed the changes you are looking for. Working together, each component of your retreat is designed to work handin-hand with the others to fit your specific needs, head to toe. So what are you getting yourself into? Brainwave training sessions (neurofeedback / neurofield) James and Sarah Roy are the principal neurotherapists; they jointly run a world renowned neurofeedback practice in London, and are amongst the UK’s most highly trained and experienced practitioners. They use some of the most advanced systems in the world; QEEG guided deep brain neurofeedback and the neurofield brainwave response system. Bodywork / massage So many people walk around with an ache, pain or even injury that they learn to “live with”. This has a major effect on how you think. Somewhere, in your subconscious, you are aware of any aches and pains which in turn, take up valuable space and can even be a provention to happiness. With a selection of qualified people to work on different areas, you can be assessed and worked on. Therapeutic Yoga With a one to one session you can discover how yoga is a unique modality in that it works the body, heart and mind all at once. This integrative quality helps ground, shift and deepen the changes that take place on all Transformational Retreats, as well as build your levels of strength, flexibility and fitness. If you have never had a yoga session before, go at it opened minded, that is afterall why you are here!