International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 29

Through women joining together in yoga, journaling, poetry and guided imagery, women can find healing and peace. Women come together and the force of their strength of love flows through the group like rich blood through the veins. The energy is tangible, that moment of stillness when you can feel the energy flow through your system is the moment you come alive. As you come alive, your creative conscious comes alive also. Ideas can become a reality within these circles. You have no outside influences disrupting your flow, you only have support, energy and love to help you achieve. I have seen people physically grow in these situations as their confidence soars and they stand tall, proud of whom they are. It can be life changing. We become midwives of our dreams and our visions. Add to this whole experience your location, the sense of freedom you feel, the sound of your breathing will quickly fall into the flow and sound of the ocean. As the palm trees sway with the gentle breeze, you feel showered with the energy of the earth. The ground beneath your feet sends energy spikes through your system. You are connected, you are one. Women come together as individuals, they leave with their energies entwined, strengths pooled and combined together to produce not stronger women, but the strong women they always were. Women together are a force, women with support are unchallengeable, women who are connected remain true, and with truth comes success. That is what being a woman means. Do visit the website and register for 2014:releasing you is the gift to yourself you deserve. Contact Details Participants will stay at Na Balam, an intimate, boutique hotel on the beach where landscaped trails, tropical gardens and the beauty of the ocean will provide a perfect abode for the retreat.