International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 22

In times gone past, the idea of having a suit, or shirt, tailored to your own specifications was reserved for royalty or the higher classes and yet, when you are in the know, anyone can be tailored, bringing out the best in each person. Before you think about cost, think about all the investments you have made in various pieces of clothing and how much of it is left hanging in the wardrobe, maybe worn once, but never to be worn again. You have to consider that no matter how cheap something is, if it does nothing for you, if it is never going to be worn then any amount of money is just a waste. A good piece of clothing will carry you for years, this is one investment in yourself that will always have an exceptionally high ROI, and that is investing in the way you look. You want to walk into a room, head held high, and for everyone to notice you, for all the right reasons. You want to be groomed, comfortable, confident and in control. “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered” – Giorgio Armani Self-confidence is an essential attitude if you want to move forward in life and there couldn’t be any easier way to obtain it. Henry Herbert Tailors offer a very unique service, for men and women, giving you the opportunity to not only own a wardrobe you are proud of, but also, allowing you to invest in you. Based in Savile Row, where only the best tailors can be found, you can have made-to-order clothing to compliment who you are. But just who is Henry Herbert? Henry Herbert was once master of the royal wardrobe to both King Charles I and King Charles II and the name was resurrected by me, Charlie Baker-Collingwood , in order to continue the tradition of fine English tailoring, at affordable prices. As bespoke tailors, Henry Herbert is proud to support the “Pick Your Cotton Carefully” campaign. Similarly, all of the wools we use in our suits are from British sheep and spun in British mills to the highest standards. Everything we make and use is Made in England, from the cloths we use, to the shirts we make, to the suit bags we provide. They work around the clock visiting clients, with the use of scooters, bringing with them measuring tapes, fabrics, chalk and pins and what I particularly love is if the scooter will not get them there then you can be sure that a train, plane or automobile will. Whatever is needed to get to you, they are on it, that said, you are more than welcome to visit them, by appointment, in Savile Row. You can book here http://www. You can order bespoke shirts, suits, waistcoats and overcoats designed using the finest British fabrics. You can visit the shop via the website to view a range of gentlemen´s accessories and ready made shirts, perfect for those maybe looking for gift ideas for that special, well dressed, person. There is much spoken about ensuring that we take care of ourselves, that we try to be the best we can, and which ever way you look at it, this really does include how we look. How we look reflects who we are, how we look and feel can change how we present ourselves, it affects the energy we give off to those around us. Positive people attract positive people, confident people attract confident people. People listen to confident people so if you want to make your mark, be heard and be seen in 2014 then maybe it is time to look at the whole you, including your dress. I leave you with a very thought provoking quote:- “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society” –Mark Twain Henry Herbert Tailors - The Savile Row by Scooter Service! E-mail: Website: Look at examples of our work: Listen to what we are saying at:!/henryherbert Become a fan at: How does the Henry Herbert service work? Watch on YouTube: