International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 19

For example: the next Immersion.  Living Life as an Offering with Charles Eisenstein: February 5th9th in Ubud, Bali He has written several books, perhaps most famously, “Sacred Economics”, which calls for a drastic alteration of our money economy.  He speaks about returning the gift to our “transactions” in this age of transition, and envisions a world that our hearts tells us is possible. Why we started Pure Immersions? So we sat there at 30 and said “ok, now what?” Sasha was in a fast-paced corporate existence, managing the 5-star Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach, CA.  One of the therapists with whom she worked sensed a need, and recommended a trip to Bali.  Sasha heeded the advice and hopped on a plane.   Meanwhile, Brad was in Northern California, where he’d been for the previous 6 years-- connecting youth to the natural world.  He spent his summers directing a camp for kids in the Bay Area and his school year in the Santa Cruz Mountains working in residential environmental education. Sasha arrived in Bali in time for the Bali Spirit Festival, and immediately her life changed.   “I saw these people, free and smiling, and I cried.  I thought I had it all, with a great job, life, etc...but this, I couldn’t believe.  I felt a great pull, a calling, and I knew something shifted.” She went back to her job, literally right from the plane to a business suit and a meeting with company executives, and instantly knew that this life-- for her-- was over.  6 months later she was back in Bali, meeting Brad at a secluded beach on Bali’s east coast. Brad loved his work, but was starting to feel a desire “to take it farther.”  He was passionate about creating connections between people and nature, seeing that disconnect as a critical flaw in our story, yet it took his trip to Bali, to feel the deeper “spiritual” need for people to integrate more fully into the natural world. “I loved taking kids outside, but I knew they went home to parents who often couldn’t share in that experience.  As my own spiritual, I don’t know what you call it-epiphany/understanding-- began to “take form” I started to see just how complex, yet simple our “issues” are as human beings, because they’re all fundamentally traceable to a disconnect from nature, and each other.” After meeting, their connection to each other was immediate and profound, and the decision to make the move to Bali became a mere formality. “Pure Immersions, our work, is really just an extension of us-our passions, curiosities, life experiences.  It’s not us saying, ‘live like this, do this or that’, but is about bringing people together who are asking their own questions and will have to find their own answers. For us, there is no other way.  We’re just curious people interested in what today may bring, who keep asking questions for the answers that may follow.”