International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 16

So what exactly is Pure travelers unaccustomed to their way of living, and so we find Immersions? “Well, we’re kind of like chefs, expect rather than bake a cake, we shape a journey.  We take a slew of ingredients (experiences), mix them up, and come out with a finished product.   A product that most certainly has a different taste for each person involved.”   Nature Connection Paramount to our “cake” is nature connection.  We combine slightly adventurous activities with quiet reflection held in really aweinspiring natural landscapes. We often climb a volcano at sunrise, trek to immense waterfalls, tube down rivers, and then just sit and stare. Sometimes that’s all it takes.  Nature is our foundation, so we make sure this foundation is strong. Yoga Every day we practice yoga because, again, it’s something that works for us.  It is something for which we find immeasurable benefits.  The tradition is so rich… we can’t even begin to describe it. Yoga is meditative, physical, emotional...we’re interested in engaging life on every level, and in terms of a daily ritual—yoga opens doors. Balinese Culture One of the biggest benefits of travel is encountering people who live differently.  Bali’s cultural traditions offer a lot of perspectiveexpanding opportunity for foreign experiences that allow us to interact with these traditions in really meaningful ways.  Prana-rich food “We are what we eat.” What we eat is instrumental in our overall ability to engage with life-- so we choose food that is full of life, vibrant, and healthy.  Of’s all organic. The Home We also strive for a balance of experience between community engagement and personal reflection, so we chose a beautiful “home-style” villa to host our Immersions.   It really takes your breath away when you walk in.  It’s magic.  And it gives people a chance to not worry about anything, and simply enjoy what’s in front of them.  It’s cozy and luxurious.  It’s intimate and spacious.  It has infinity pools and a beautiful river running through it. The “Expert” Finally, we bring in people who inspire us: leaders who are making a difference in the world-authors, speakers, thinkers, teachers.  These people come in, deliver content that is sure to create questions, and along with the other ingredients, really gives each Immersion its’ distinct flavor.”