International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 13

VINCENT Vincent is a fanatic wildlife photographer from the Netherlands. Vincent traveled all over the world to make wildlife photographs on all the continents, but found out Africa was his favorite! Vincent traveled over 15 times to Africa. Highlights were Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. When talking about wildlife in Africa most people think about the big game on the savannahs. But there is moreā€¦. In the forests of Uganda and Rwanda there are 17 monkey species, including gorillas and chimpanzees. The photos in this issue were of a gorilla tracking in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. It was raining and misty on this day in February. The tracking was more difficult during the rain, but for the photos it was a bonus! During his trips to Africa Vincent noticed the travel companies were well equipped to show their clients the wildlife, but not to get the best out of it for photos. Many companies put too many people in the safari vehicles and visited the places in the wrong time of the day. Vincent thought it could be done better and started Kazinga Tours in 2006. He did this with tourism professional Felex Musinguzi from Uganda. Together they built a successful company, covering Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. In 2007 Vincent started a lodge in Kibale Forest, together with Jeroen van Rooij, who built the lodge a