International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 52 - Page 10

Forested parks are often the last remaining source of fuel. In DRC (The Congo) the illegal charcoal trade and mining are also key threats to the forest habitat of the mountain gorillas. Despite the high rainfall, the volcanic rock means that during the dry season people often run out of drinking water forcing them into the forest to get access to drinking water. One of the biggest threats is disease passed to gorillas by people entering the forest. As we share much of the same DNA, gorillas are able to contract diseases but do not have the immune system to fight them, so even something like a cold can kill a gorilla! The region’s ongoing conflict and civil unrest are an ever-present risk, as is poaching. Whilst targeted poaching of the gorillas is extremely rare, they are often the accidental victims of snares set to catch antelope, bush pigs and other wildlife. Gorillas are targeted in hunts to catch and sell their young as pets. Of course, the real guilty people here are those who X