International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 91

Rosy´s Little Village is a place where you can take part in various workshops throughout the year or you can kick back and do absolutely nothing, even better, you can do both! Some examples of the workshops include:Yoga Singing Meditation Painting Non violent communication and more. Aside from courses you can always take a hike or a bike ride into the beautiful surroundings of which there are only 14 square kilometres but you are only 45 minutes away from the busy commercial port of Piraeus. You can just relax with your feet in the surf, snorkel, swim or just sunbath, the variety of beaches makes it perfect for everyone, whatever your choice, you can simply feel the stresses of everyday just fade away, now, we all need this at times. The rooms are beautiful and will instantly send you into the cast of Mama Mia, white walls, blue paint it is just heavenly. The rooms have recently been refurbished with sea views, en suite bathrooms, air conditions, a small fridge and balcony so you can literally just disappear if you wish. This is a beautiful place for singles, couples or families who want to just get away for a while, you will meet new friends when you gather in the restaurant in the evening as you watch the beautiful sunset and watch the turquoise sea turn into beautiful shades of red and orange. Check out the website and sign up to the newsletter to be kept up to date on courses for the year ahead, but even if you are not looking for a course, take a look and prescribe yourself a course of relaxation, you deserve it. Contact The History Of Agistri The ancient name for Agistri is Kekrifalia (meaning “embellished head”) and is mentioned by Homer, Thucydides and Diodorus. Agistri, together with the surrounding islands, constituted the kingdom of Aegina under the mythical King Aeakos. Archeological finds show that Agistri was inhabited 2500 years ago. Remnants of buildings from prechristian times can be seen along the west coast close to the surface of the water. Archaeological finds are exhibited at the Municipal Centre in Milos.