International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 87

staying. There are also city visits where you will find restaurants and shops, so you can experience all types of civilization here! Shopping in town is fun but so is yoga on the beach! Private yoga classes are easily arranged as well as massages. All in the comfort of our private oasis. As we mentioned before, eco living is very important here, so you may find things a little different, but in fact, you probably will not even notice that all the energy is provided by solar panels and wind generation. You will have all your electricity for 24 hours a day, but you may notice the peace and quiet that having this system brings, no generators here! All the water from the showers and sinks supports constructed wetlands, providing controlled nutrition to a variety of plants. The toilets are low-flush, reducing water usage and the waste is filtered into composting units eliminating septic tanks. This is extremely important when building so close to the sea. Properties are located within the trees, but in locations that take full advantage of the ventilation, whilst giving a perfect view of the ocean, so it is no accident that you have a beautiful sea breeze blowing through your rooms, or that trees and plants adorn the area. They are all being planted to maintain the beauty and to give back. This really is a beautiful location where you can come as an individual, a couple or a group, in fact, if your group is big enough you can hire the whole area for your event. If you run retreats this would be a perfect destination or just create your own personal retreat, just you and your books.