International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 86

Now combine those feelings with being within a place of mystic and beauty, you now have everything you need to give you the vacation of your dreams. Balamku Inn on the Beach is a new concept of hotel within the Costa Maya region, which, if you have done your research you will know, is one of Mexico’s hidden t reasures. Located in the southern area of the Yucatan Peninsula, south of a little fishing village, you will find yourself within one of the most beautiful, unspoilt areas of nature surrounded here. Obviously with the ocean on your doorstep, there are lots of options here from snorkeling to scuba diving or maybe you would like to go kayaking, for which there is no charge for the use of a kayak, but what a beautiful way to head out and look back and see the location in a totally new prospective, beauty from every angle, and this continues below the water with a coral reef just meters from the beach. Fly fishing and deep sea fishing are wonderful ways to enjoy the sea and you may even include a snorkel by a community of friendly people and the design of the hotel is based on ensuring that the environment of this area is protected for future visitors, giving you everything you need without the abuse often incurred by larger resorts. Whilst you are here you can be as active, or as relaxed as you want. I think we all have that pile of books we are planning on reading at some point. Well, you can do this here, just kick back, either on the beach or on your terrace and now drift off into the pages of your novels, with no time restrictions, no outside influences, just you and nature. If you are looking to be more active, or want to break up the days of relaxing with an activity or two, then you will not be disappointed, there is something for everyone on the reef between pulling in a snapper or little ones from the sea grass beds. Nature abounds when one explores in a place without crowds. It is an exceptional experience to be alone with the magic of untouched nature! On land you have many options too from bird watching, hiking to explore the Mayan ruins and of course, there are jungle walks! For me personally, the Mayan Archaeological sites have to be a must whilst visiting here. It is an area steeped in history and even if you think this is not for you, I can almost guarantee you will find this fascinating, so much to learn from a very peaceful civilization to stories that will make your toes curl. So do venture out and find out more and walk in their footsteps, which will be only an hour away from where you are