International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 8

When I came across Ghost Ranch I instantly understood why people return again and again. It is a destination that offers everything, for everyone, your spirit can only grow in a place like this, in fact, I would imagine that people actually discover their spirit here. Reaching Ghost Ranch is a beautiful journey in itself, after leaving Santa Fe, New Mexico and driving about an hour, you enter the landscape of vast vistas, table-topped mesas, tall cliffs, winding rivers bordered by huge old cottonwood trees, mountains in the distance and more and more beauty around every bend in the winding road. “It is not a country of light on things,” said Georgia O’Keeffe. “It is a country of things in light.” Nature is so beautiful, the light, the air and the land, all three are what bring visitors back time and again to Northern New Mexico and the 21,000 acres of Ghost Ranch. Artists and adventurers, poets and philosophers, writers, hikers, visionaries and pilgrims of faith of all ages have come to this place seeking what they can find nowhere else. Since 1955 Ghost Ranch has been an Education and Retreat Center of the Presbyterian Church and is open to all. Come for a day to hike about Ghost Ranch, bring your camera or your paints and easel. Come for a week to take one of over 250 workshops offered each year, bring your family to study and relax, or book a number of rooms and a large space in which to meet and bring your group or club for their annual meeting. Come and learn about Ghost Ranch. Now is a wonderful time to visit, as autumn turns the area into shades of gold, turquoise, blue and purple. As the sun sets the sky comes alive with a billion twinkling stars and clear vision of the Milky Way, something you never see if you live in the city and skies that you will never forget. The temperature is cooler so you feel more inclined to get on your boots and go for a hike through the stunning surroundings taking time out to be with your own thoughts. Nothing is more awakening than being amongst nature in the fall colors are rich, deep and powerful. The silence will only be broken by nature itself, Canada geese and Sandhill cranes flying overhead, migrating to a sunnier climate, but which encourage you to look up and admire them in all their beauty. So much nature is missed in day-to-day life and it is the best gift you can give yourself to reconnect. It is an incredible time to be at Ghost Ranch, with incredible workshops to get you painting, writing, hiking, breathing and exploring. I just love the diversity of this place from yoga to archeology, and what a history this place has. I was watching the video, which you can do here also, and loved the fact that they found an area, with an old shepherds hut, which they felt would be a perfect area for a shelter, well it turns out it had been a great camp site for about 8,000 years! You can see more about this on the website, but it is just fascinating to think that dinosaurs walked this land, but then look at it, unspoiled, untouched almost, just a divine place to open your mind and let your imagination run wild. Click here to discover upcoming workshops at Ghost Ranch. This is a place you can come alone, with a partner, your family or a group, there really is something for everyone here. For those on a spiritual journey to those who just want to have fun be that horse riding, partaking in an O’Keeffe tour or just curling up in the library, this is a place for you, for you to be. VIDEO LINK Contact Details