International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 77

New for 2014 is a 1-week Raw Food Retreat in the Caribbean, you can click here for the full details and for information on booking. The retreat will be held at Castara Retreats, which is rated as THE best holiday resort of Tobago & Trinidad on MyTobago. Here you will enjoy both eating and preparing some wonderful meals and all under the canopy of a beautiful blue sky, a tonic in itself! Also scheduled is a 3-day ‘Deep Nutrition’ retreat on Dartmoor, Devon UK which is particularly designed to be for women over 45 . http://www. ripe-for-radiance-3-dayretreat-spring-2014/28491 Do visit the Radiant on Raw website and read more about Gabriela, a truly inspirational story. And I love that when Gabriela told her Mother that she planned to leave her career and embark on a journey into raw foods she gave Gabriela her blessing with the words ‘I always knew you would eventually do something with food’. She was 80 when she said this but she knew the journey that her daughter would one day follow.