International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 74

RADIENT ON RAW I am a great believer that our own individual lessons are out there to be learnt and, for some people, these lessons become very clear, very quickly. For others, including myself, it takes time to fully understand your lessons and to act on them, in many situations, and I say this simply from the people I have spoken with, it is a life changing situation that forces you to step outside of your current life and evaluate what you have, what you need, what is important to you and then the decision of how to move forward from here. This was certainly the case for Gabriela Lerner owner and founder of Radiant on Raw. Gabriela has always had a passion for food, worked hard to ensure that herself and her family ate well and enjoyed healthy foods, Gabriela herself suffered from Fibromyalgia and needed high energy foods to keep up with general day to day life, but had resigned herself to the constant pain and the bouts of simply needing to sleep and recharge. (Medically) While Gabriela fed herself and her family with lots of vegetables and