International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 72

In the ages now gone by and shrouded in magic and folklore, Silver Island was known as Deucallion – a semi God. The Islands History Much of the magic that is Greece lies in the names of the islands. Many of these sun soaked jewels of the Aegean were named after the gods of Greek Mythology. Silver Island is no exception. In the ages now gone by and shrouded in magic and folklore, Silver Island was known as Deucallion – a semi God. Deucallion and his wife Pyrrha were credited in Greek mythology as being the re-creators of the human race after a great flood; their story has certain parallels with the story of Noah’s Ark. This is the story of Deucallion and Pyrrha Zeus, ruler of Olympus, god of gods and men, and god of the weather, was angry with Prometheus, the god of fire. Deucallion was the son of Prometheus. The use of fire had been the privilege of the gods alone, but Prometheus had given this gift to a human whose inadequacy to handle it had turned humans evil and wicked. Zeus became angry with Prometheus and all humans and thus decided to create a terrible storm to end the human race on earth. But Prometheus intervened and Deucallion and Pyrrha (daughter of Pandora) were chosen by him to recreate the human race. They made and provisioned a great Ark from Silver Island, where they lived and rode on the fury of the storm, sailing for nine days and nights and found themselves on Mount Parnassos. It was here that they gave thanks to Zeus for their deliverance and they made an offering to Zeus and asked that a new generation be born. Whilst doing this they heard a voice commanding them to “cast the bones of their mother over their shoulders” – the stones of mother earth. They do as the voice commanded and all the stones that Deucallion threw became men and the stones Pyrrah threw became women and so mankind was reborn. The modern day Greek word for people is “Laos” which is derived from “Laas” the ancient Greek word meaning pebble and stems from the myth of Deucallion and Pyrrah. It is said that Helen was born of the union of Deucallion and Pyrrha and that all kings and queens and noble people of Greece are their direct descendants by union. In the Greek Encyclopaedia and in numerous references, Silver islands latitude and longitude are listed and confirmed as Deucallion and the little island a few hundred meters off the north of Silver island, as Pyrrah. It is also thought that the temple of Demeter may be found in the peninsula called Agios Demetrios some 900 meters North of the island. There is a magical feeling continuously bestowed on all when visiting Silver Island, and we believe, albeit surrounded by magnificent scenic beauty, this is attributed to the mythology of Decallion and Pyrrha, the Adam and Eve of Greek Mythology.