International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 68

A SILENT TRUTH Wo r d s : L y n n N i c h o l s o n N o phones, no internet, no water, no electricity, no credit cards. Completely off the grid! How wonderful does that sound? If at this point this sounds like an absolute nightmare then may I suggest you look for another outlet for your time in paradise because this is only for those who really want to relax, unwind and return to the world pumped, energised and ready to take on the world! Silver Island Yoga is a destination that you dream of, isolated, beautiful and offering the true meaning of peace, the perfect location for a yoga retreat, the perfect gift to yourself. This is an opportunity, within the beauty of nature, to discover the inner you, to focus on your mental, physical and emotional well being, to, literally, renew yourself through cell regeneration, through healing, you will feel revitalised, energised, others will see a different you, but you will recognise that you have just returned to self. If you have never been to a retreat, and perhaps are wondering what the difference is between your weekly class and attending a retreat, the answer is simple. Distraction. How often have you seen someone leave a yoga class where they have spent an hour in deep meditation, focused on their internal self, only to leave, get straight onto a mobile phone and as the doors of the class swing shut, they are back into the madness of everyday life? A retreat allows you to go deeper, to remove the distractions of everyday life, a retreat enables you the freedom to be, the opportunity to be still, silent even emotional if you need to be. You are safe within a retreat, but a good retreat teaches you the skills you need on the “outside” to protect yourself. This can also be understood by the yogic term, pratyahara.