International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 63

and leveraging those funds with a personal investment, Zach Ducheneaux is currently executing phase two of the expansion which will add two self-contained barrack style bunk houses adjacent to the large indoor climate-controlled arena, allowing for the administration of horsemanship training on a year-round basis. The facility will be heated by an artesian water source, not only increasing the business’s environmental sustainability but reducing overhead costs as well. While the expansion will lead to increased profits for the ranch by attracting more individuals, families, and businesses that wish to experience a unique cultural exchange, The DX Ranch recognizes those benefits realized by visitors from across the country could be even more meaningful to reservation youth. Simply put, Zach Ducheneaux says, “It’s time to give back.” Individuals from as far as Texas and New York have been paying to participate in The DX Ranch’s internship program and acquire life skills through hands on equine experiences, but the increased profits from the expansion will enable The DX Ranch to offer its equinebased curricula to local reservation youth free of charge. Ducheneaux comments, “We have sought a business model that will help ensure that we can provide these services locally at no cost.” Also in The DX Ranch’s plans to increase opportunities to serve its community are reservationwide play days, youth activities, horsemanship demonstrations, and horse camps. the true ingenuity of our local entrepreneurs to blend forprofit and non-profit structures in a way that achieves both financial sustainability and social value. In the end, it is our whole reservation that benefits – not just with a more stable local economy, but also with an increased respect for Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) and a renewed cultural vitality,” says Lakota Mowrer, Assistant Director of Four Bands Community Fund. For the past two years Mower has been participating in the Native Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, a unique cohort of twelve organizations who are all dedicated to furthering Native community and economic development. Funded by the Northwest Area Foundation, the initiative has provided funds to Four Bands Community Fund to develop its Green Cheyenne River program and work on a broader scale to explore and define social entrepreneurship, a term that is gaining popularity. Watch out in 2014 for an update on this beautiful destination! For more information on Four Band’s Green Cheyenne River program, visit “We are proud to see concepts of social entrepreneurship at work on our reservation. It shows