International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 57

Kathleen and Peter - Their story Any story which begins with people having to use machetes to actually create a pathway within a dense Hawaiian rainforest is one that seriously makes you want to read on. After a personal pilgrimage to the land of Aloha “once upon a time” in search, as we all are, of peace and beauty, they discovered much more, their vocation and their new life. In 1981 they purchased the original half acre near the Kilauea Volcano but the actual preparation of the land did not commence until 1988. In 1989 they built their first cottage on the land and in 1991 left San Francisco for the Big Island of Hawaii, a huge change, but when somewhere feels right you have to go with your instincts. In 1995, after building a new 12 sided home on the property, Kathleen and Peter opened their original cottage as their first Bed and Breakfast accomodation, allowing people travelling to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park the opportunity to stay within stunning nature. The Volcano Rainforest Retreat Bed and Breakfast offers exceptional beauty to artists, romantics and travellers seeking sometime to rest and recuperate before moving on. Now, 18 years later, there are four private guest cottages, all created and decorated to provide intimate connection to their surroundings, you find them set on pathways, through the misty mossy volcanic landscape, but, you will not need a machete the paths have been cleared for you! 2014 sees more growth, more activities but as you would expect, sympathetic to the sheer beauty of this place. This is a destination where you can really get back to the planet, reconnect, with pure, unspoilt beauty. Now, who does not want that? Volcano Rainforest Retreat donates part of their proceeds to organizations that work toward the preservation of the natural environment.