International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 53

If it is a retreat you are looking for the Volcano Rainforest Retreat offers small group gatherings to foster an integration of psychological and spiritual growth into everyday life through intimate healing getaways, personal growth workshops, support groups, and peaceful retreats. You can read more about the actual specifics of each retreat at the website, and seek the retreat that connects to you and your personal needs, workshops.shtml but I cannot think of a more perfect place to sit, meditate, destress and simply strip out all those niggly, annoying things that bring us down on a day to day basis than within a native Hawaiian rainforest. Nature really is so powerful, so healing and all you need to do is be in it. Just think of how good you feel walking in a park or a wood, it is impossible to hold on to anger or negative feelings, whilst being amongst nature, think about it, it really is incredibly difficult! Kathleen offers counselling to assist you on your personal journey, she works with individuals and couples with a focus on both personal and relational empowerment and concious relationship as a life practice., you can also benefit by telephone sessions, If you are looking to explore the Island, and take time out for yourself then just a few miles up the road is Kilauea Volcano, home of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire. Hike, Bike, or drive through this magnificent landscape at Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park. A half-hour drive toward the sea is historic Hilo town with its picturesque bay, waterfalls and botanical gardens. Just a short distance away is Volcano Village - a community noted for its distinctive blend of artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs. The village has two country stores, gas stations and a post office. Local restaurants and cafes offer a variety of dining experiences including the charm of old Hawai`i at Kilauea Lodge. Visit Volcano Winery, home of Tropical Hawaiian Wines. For the adventurous, the Chain of Craters Road winds down to the coast where vast systems of lava tubes carry active lava flows into the sea, creating the newest land on earth. The Kilauea Volcano lava viewing area site changes, due to the nature of the constantly changing landscape of this active volcano. You can see more ideas at attractions.shtml At the end of a active day