International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 52

S E A M L E S S LY S E C LU D E D Wo r d s : L y n n N i c h o l s o n O ne of the most refreshing aspects of my job is discovering places on this beautiful planet that are still as God intended, and the Volcano Rainforest Retreat is such a place. Kathleen and Peter Golden have created the retreat in this primal and sacred place and invite you to share in their aloha`aina, love of the land. Here you can enjoy, amongst some of the most beautiful landscape I have seen in a long time, intimate getaways and peaceful retreats. This is truly a destination for those who need to recharge, reconnect and discover the healing powers of nature. It is the perfect place for everyone, from the solo traveller to families who want to step out of their daily lives, to literally stand still for a moment and allow themselves to reconnect with the land, in other words, time to kick off your shoes and get back to your true self.