International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 4

HOT PRODUCTS By Ly nn Nichols on W elcome to my selection of Hot Products for the kitchen. I admit, maybe one or two may be a tiny bit nuts, but then again, we all need to have a little crazy in life at times, so take a look and enjoy xx 1 Aprons! Now I happen to think you should always wear an apron in your kitchen to protect your own clothing but also from the viewpoint of hygiene, but that does not mean you have to be boring, there are some incredible aprons around, this is just one I found, but there are loads! This one is from Carolyns Kitchen and can be purchased via Amazon. Nespresso Crystal Coffee Machine I do admit to having a passion for coffee, in fact, the day cannot even begin until I have enjoyed a cup of coffee, and I do like bright things as they bring positivity but this? Priced at $1000, the Nespresso Limited Edition Sparkle Pink Essenza and the Nespresso Limited Edition Brilliant Black Essenza are amazing coffee machines for the rich people who like their machines to be coated with precious Swarovski crystals along with white gold taps. These machines will surely add bling to your kitchens with their glittery presence. Only 100 pieces are presently available, however, I think I will stick to my usual brand, in a packet, I could get a ton of fencing for that money! 2