International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 36

If you ever wanted to visit a place filled with inspiration this has to be the place! Here you can stay and be away from everyone and everything, a time for total relaxation, no TV, no wi-fi (except in one area) so if you want to get your family together and get them into the outdoors without distractions (ok you may have a minor rebellion on your hands to begin with) this is the place. In no time at all, children will return to children and you will slip back into the world of relaxation, away from distractions and everyone will sleep like babies at night! All cabins are equipped for you to cater for yourselves, the continental breakfast can be delivered to your cabin, but you will feel completely alone, private and away from everyone else. This really is about you time, a wonderful place to get away for a romantic break, just the two of you and nature. There are also plenty of things to do too around the ranch and off site, with 650 acres to cover you can get lost, somewhere new, everyday! You can find out more about the activities via the website. The area is so beautiful it is regularly used by film companies and photographers who want to capture the beauty of this area of Texas and when you look at the images, it is not surprising at all. It is the same reason that weddings are held here, just stunning and so romantic. Team building courses have always been in existence but now companies are beginning to realise that getting a team into the outdoors gives much more productive results, gone are the grey walls and never ending flip charts, now team building can consist of: Horseback riding Archery Trapshooting Tomahawk/knife throw Paddle boat/john boat races Frisbee Golf Bass and catfish fishing Scavenger Hunts Working cattle Now that is how you build a team! For your next corporate event, BlissWood Bed & Breakfast can customise a package that caters to your corporate meeting, team building event, retreat, executive planning session. Detailed event coordinators available to help with all your planning needs or plan with one of their Leadership Consultants/ For more details and/or planning call 713-301-3235. Everything has been considered here and if there is something particular you are looking for then do take a look at the “Specials & Packages” You can organise a romantic getaway, massage packages,