International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 3

Welcome to Issue 51 of the International Lifestyle Magazine! Pure Karma. Many of the stories featured within this issue explore the individual life journeys that have been taken by many diffrent people in order to reach their destination, and between the lines we can see how Karma has played its part. What this has created is a wealth of companies, and individuals, who are all looking to help make change to the planet, to wildlife and to people. By giving, we do receive and it is a cycle that shines through in this issue. The smallest gesture can make a huge difference to someone, what is important is our understanding of karma and how it helps everyone, but remember, karma works in reverse too, so what you put out there will come back to you, just ensure you only give out what you want to return. You shall reap what you sow, for some a very frightening statement and for others, words that inspire joy and happiness. Enjoy this issue and share with others, together we can make change. The Editors Welcome issue 51 Contact 00(34) 690 806 283 Editors Lynn Nicholson Julian Nicholson Contributors International Lifestyle Magazine The International Lifestyle Magazine and its officers accept no responsibility for the accuracy of advertisers’ copy, their work, services or goods. Whilst we do our best to ensure content is correct, we cannot accept responsibility for admissions or errors or copyright infringement where multi media is concerned. All materials within International Lifestyle Magazine are the property of International Lifestyle Magazine and any unauthorised reproduction whether in part or whole is strictly forbidden. Robert Hare (inspiration) Janey Lee Grace Steenbergs Alan Coxon Rebekah Fensome Kate Magic Barefoot Doctor Out Of The Blue Photography Fiona Robertson Hannah Jones Tamara Cianfini Eileen Bennett Hala Azzam