International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 29

abuse, we take on everything, eventually reaching the point of overflow, simply no room left for anything else. This is incredibly exhausting and often leads to the inability to relax, have a proper healthy sleep and enjoy life to its full potential. you, your needs and to collect the tools you need to live your life in full. Ranging from 7 nights to 21 nights, you will enjoy raw, living foods, daily meditation, healing massages, healing energy, yoga, sacred arts and individual blessings and more. Fivelements are running a very special meditation retreat with a meditation guru Merta Ada taking place in December: retreats/masters-series/14masters-series/42-merta-ada Through meditation you can gain inner strength and from this you can then achieve huge benefits, for example : Releasing tension, fears, worry, depression and grief? Promoting relaxation, calmness, balance and focus Strengthening the mind and body to overcome stress? Gaining clarity of mind Strengthening the immune system Increased energy levels and metabolism Increased awareness and healing of specific areas in the body, including: allergies,asthma,hepatitis,canc er,impotency and more. Even if you are not actually staying at Fivelements you can still visit and enjoy the amazing Healing Spa and food packages, known as the Exclusive Experiences. You can book for a half or full day visit and benefit from all the facilities. This may be an ideal option if you are considering a longer stay but want to have a taster of Fivelements first. http:// special-offers/19-specials/72exclusive-experiences Up until the end of Jan, guests can enjoy 15% off Fivelements’ three signature healing retreat programmes: Panca Mahabuta; Tri Kaya Parisutha; and FInding Centre (for packages of 7nights +) You can read more here http:// special-offers/19-specials/144retreats-discount. This is a truly wonderful opportunity to really get back into balance, to obtain a full and total understanding of This is a truly stunning location, the facilities offered are outstanding http://fivelements. org/en/accommodations/ facilities from river side suites, water healing pools, sacred spaces, this is truly a destination for those who are looking for a long term solution through organic healing. Contact Details