International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 23

to sell their items and others needed money but did not want to let go of their pieces as they had sentimental value, so we expanded into a pawn shop. It was important to me that we did not take advantage, so if someone could not repay the loan on the item we would sell the piece and then split the profit. You meet people when they are at the worst times in their lives, it is so important that you work with them, help them and in time, it will come back to repay you. When I sold door to door I met a hairdresser, he took me to his best friends house, a lady who loved jewellery, this was 25 years ago, she made me lunch, we chatted, she told me she was an actor, a big actor, I asked her what her name was and she said “Lana Turner” had no idea who this lady was.She gave me a check for $600 and then told me about a movie she was in, which I watched and loved. I decided to keep the cheque, it was my first one, to remind me of the day, she told me to keep the cheque and gave me the cash and we became lifelong friends, she took me to Egypt and introduced me to many people. This is how I meet so many people, through introductions. I believe if you give you receive, I have been taken advantage of alot, I have lost millions of dollars along the way through trusting people, but I still trust. I have studied yoga for 30 years and go to yoga every morning at 6am so that when I come into work I am full of energy, relaxed and that is the perfect way to set up the day. When people come to my shop it is important to me that they also feel relaxed, that they feel special, so they feel good about themselves. I buy things for a fair price and I sell for a fair price, everyone is happy I sleep well at night and people come back again because they know they can trust me. I love what I do, I am very, very h ????v?&??B??fR??fRWfW'???R??????v??@?6???rF??R??6???B??P???W2?'WB????rF?V?????v?&???6???W"W&6V?FvW0?F??????RV?6R6??6??ffW ??6?V?G2F?RfW'?&W7B??W0?'WBB6?7BF?Bv?&?2f?"?P??Bf?"F?V????fRF?R&W7@?6???V7F????bvF6?W2??F?P?v?&?B?B?bF?W&R?26??WF???p???R&R??????rf?"?6?f??B?@??Bf?"F?R&?v?B&?6R?( ??bF?W&Rv2WfW"?GfW'@?f?"?&??F??2?2?B?&Rf?"?&P????W7B?&RG'WF?gV??BF?P?&Wv&G2v???&WGW&?F???R??D?RD??4???T5D????$UdU$Œ????2t??#C?4?UD?$UdU$ŒE$?dR??$UdU$Œ????2??4?# ?3???????????wwr?F?VF??6???V7F????6????GG?????WGR?&R????7f?U?d?0??wwr???FW&?F?????fW7G??V?v???R?6???