International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 21

“My father died one week before my bar mitzvah, so I left home, lived on street for a year before going to live on a kibbutz which saved my life. I then joined the Israeli army as a top, top commander, which really made me what I am today, strong with no fear. Now, I have seen other pawn stores, naming no names but one is in Vegas, where the owners of a item come in, get a valuation of $50,000 to which they are then offered, by the owners, something ridiculous like $2500 taking full advantage of the sellers current situation. which actually leaves me feeling repulsed and wondering how on earth these guys sleep at night, yet, with Yossi, he was the complete opposite, yes, he was making money, but everyone needs a roof over their head and food on the table, but no one needs to steal to achieve this, now here is a man who understands karma, balance and the very core of what being a civilised human being means. So, I found his email address, dropped him a line and within 1 minute he came back telling to call anytime, you have no idea how refreshing that is! I organised a time with Dominique, who was wonderful, did some basic research as I wanted to hear it directly from Yossi, and then placed the call. He is as charming as he is on TV and gave me all the time I needed but the big question for me was “How do you go from living on a kibbutz to Hollywood?” I then worked in Paris for the Israeli government as an intelligent officer for two years before heading to the US to go to University to study as a lawyer. My brother came to visit me during a break, but our Mother wanted him to return, at the time it was very unpatriotic to leave Israel, so we set off on a road trip. We went to New York where, within 3 months, we had spent all our money, so we hitch hiked to Arizona, I sold my ticket home for $200 to survive eventually finding himself in LA. I started out handing out flyers for a jewellery shop and then started selling the jewllery door to door, allowing people to pay $10 a week, building up to having my own people working for me. I ended up with ten guys selling jewelry for me and then I opened a store. It became clear that some people wanted He buys and sells jewelry and watches that many of us will probably only see through a shop window and there are occassions when he is with a client, gives them the price and without a flicker they agree to buy which takes your breath away, but what shines through, every time, is these people trust Yossi, not an easy thing to achieve in Hollywood where everything appears to be cut throat, one slip up and you are out, so what is the story behind this man, only one way to find out, speak to him.