International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 18

FROM KIBBUTZ TO H O L LY WO O D I WO R D S : LY N N N I C H O L S O N think we will agree that there is an overload of reality programmes, from the unknown to the well known allowing cameras into every aspect of their lives giving us the insights that feed our nosey minds to the point, that, just like anything we have too much off, we grow tired of. It was whilst I was pottering around at home that I switched on the TV for some background noise and there was this big guy, with a heavy accent, who was incredibly charming and I stopped to watch, after a few minutes I sat down and tuned in fully. I was watching Yossi Dina, owner of the Dina Collection in Hollywood, yes another reality programme, but there was something about this guy that ran deep and I wanted to find out more. Here in Spain they are great with their TV scheduling, often playing one episode after another, I am convinced they just put in a DVD collection and go home, but in this situation it was perfect, I could watch a good few hours and get an overall feel for Yossi.