International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 130

Vi l l ar r i c a , C h i l e “ The Lakes District” List Price: 15,000 CLF (approx. US$ 721,000) Type: Residence with Swimming Pool Style: German Living Area: 3,167 ft2 or 296 m2 Lot Size: 5000 m2 or 1.25 acres Year Built: 2003 Beds/bath: 5 Bed/ 5 Bath This well priced one of a kind deluxe German style bungalow with lots of curb-appeal awaits a discriminating buyer. What a great find this crisp clean large family house is. Situated inside of a gated community of homes on the outskirts of Villarrica and just across the road from the Lake. The fabulous view is framed around the white snowy-capped mountain jutting up just beyond the gleaming water. Especially great since you are in a private area yet conveniently just a few minutes drive from the center of town and also easy access to the main road; and within an hour to the national airport or shopping in the city of Temuco. This house was built with extended family visits and the joy of outdoor entertaining in mind. The bungalow style of house plan ensures that both residents and their guests have their privacy; but also several cozy gathering places in the center of the house. The master suite is in the opposite wing of the building from the guest rooms ensuring a quiet retreat. Each sleeping area / bedroom has a large window facing the view and a door out to its own individual deck. The master has a two- room bath and also connects with an ample and roomy walk in closet. For those cool summer nights so common in the mountains there is a chunky built in woodstove ready for use when area warmth is preferred over central heat. Guests or older children will be happily secluded in their own sitting area on the opposite end of the house where there are two other bedrooms. A young child on the other hand can be roomed comfortable within reach, in the fourth bedroom adjacent to the master suite. The interior rooms are all elegant with out feeling overdone or stuffy. A warm off-white pallet dominates and clean contemporary lines add sophistication. A splash of color from the bedroom headboard wall adds the right amount of accent. Just as a vase of bright flowers acts to capture your eye and make the space pop with a bit of color. Natural materials such as the volcanic rock in the fireplace and glowing wood trim & finishes remind us that we sitting in a town home, yet situated in the lovely countryside right outside our door. A professionally designed and manicured landscape plan with mature plantings at the perimeter, define the property with out blocking the view. The yard is full of flowering bushes and plants complementing the home’s interior design and adding punches of brilliance to the color scheme. Just beyond the house in the grassy yard there is a great bbq & pool house to enjoy when the weekend arrives or a celebratory occasion is at hand. It even boasts a look out platform on the roof of the structure. Here you can sit and either contemplate the view or watch the family swim without getting splashed from the pool. This desirable, well-built home would be a great choice to diversify your portfolio from fiat paper into fixed assets. Chile is an emerging marketplace with a growing economy and stable banking environment; therefore a great place to invest those sinking dollars or euros. This property has a quality buildin r??2vV??6?FVBV?F?W"f?"gWGW&R&W6?R?"F??fRf?"6??f?'F&?P?6V7W&R???RF??fR????B?2F?RW&fV7BFF?F????"??fW7F?V?Bf?"????Rv???26VV???rF??&?V?B?WBF?V?"?'Ff???v?F?&V?W7FFR?"?fR6V6??B???R??7F&?R?BV?6??F??p?6?V?G'??V?WGFT6?WF?W&?6???W&?W'F?W2?6???wwr?6?WF?W&?6???U&?W'F?W2?6???wwr???FW&?F?????fW7G??V?v???R?6????