International Lifestyle Magazine Issue 51 - Page 13 The company is by now the biggest heliski operator in Sweden and one of the biggest operators in Europe with guests from all over the world. In cooperation with the helicopter company we have enormous possibilities. The mission of Arctic Elements is to share their passion for skiing with their guests. Together with love, respect and awe for the mountains and the arctic landscape Arctic Elements provide you with the ultimate freeride experience. Coming up in 2014 Heli assisted ski touring Combine heliskiing with ski touring in inaccessible terrain and you have a winning concept for awesome experiences and great skiing. These packages are available all season from beginning of March to end of May. After arriving on Sunday you meet up with your guide at 3 o’clock in Björkliden where you get your safety equipment and the helicopter is loaded. After that you fly out to one of the mountain huts in the area, which one will depend on the weather at that time.. Since the guides are working with the heliski trips in the area all the time, they are completely up to date when it comes to the snow conditions and where we can find the best skiing. After dropping off the luggage at the mountain hut, you take off with the helicopter and do one or two runs in the nearby area. You will enjoy four full days of ski touring together with your guide with the mountain hut as your base. You stay here together and cook your food, all provided before your arrival. During the day you will enjoy ski touring in the surrounding area and benefit from the big mountains and untouched snow.